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  1. The ravioli itself looks delicious. Just wish they had a sauce suggestion alternative that isn't almost pure butter.

  2. I don't even like butternut squash but I keep watching this video and I'm so intrigued. I really wanna try it.

  3. The butter sauce gave me a heart attack. Never have I ever heard of that and when I step my foot into an american cooking chanel BAM butter sauce you scared yet? Yes. I am.

  4. If anyone's ever had the butternut squash ravioli at Todd English's Olives…. I feel like this is a pretty close recipe.

  5. It looks good.. Invite me when you finish it.. And if you want to draw something in 3d illusion I can do it for you with pleasure..get look on my 3d drawing channel and tell me if you like it.. Thank you in advance..

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