This is my best tomato soup recipe with a simple but delicious twist which starts by roasting tomato and garlic for seriously intense flavour! Give it a go this summer! Recipe here:

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  1. Looks so good but it's been way too hot in LA to crave for soup. All I want is something light and refreshing.

  2. There is nothing sexier than seeing a good looking lad cooking!!! Sorry if it sounds sexist! Apologies to your wife!

  3. I tried this today and I don't know what I did wrong but my soup came out a lot more watery and didn't really taste like tomato..

  4. It is a nice try. But for a real tomato sauce/soup you need more tomatoes.
    Start with over ripe tomatoes ( cheap ) cut them in half and throw them in
    a big kettle/pan ad garlick and onions .
    Cut out the part where they were attached to the plant.
    You can ad any herb or vegetable that goes well with tomatoes ad this stage.
    Let it simmer for an hour or 3, and then run it through a "passe vite " ,
    bring to boil again and reduce to the thickness that you like.

    Smakelijk eten.

  5. Just started watching your videos a couple of days ago. There's nothing sexier than a man who can cook! You look absolutely GORGEOUS πŸ™‚ please keep making videos

  6. Yep. I learned that way of cooking garlic a while ago. It's interesting how the natural casing roasts it to perfection, and its soooo easy to do and so healthy to eat on its own or spread on toasted french bread wow!

  7. I have a basil plant that I would like to use some of the leaves in this recipe. It's a delicate herb, so where / when would I incorporate it do you think?

  8. I came, I saw, I made, I ate! Very tasty soup Donal, served it with croutons fried on butter – yummy! Thanks for the great recipe and please do more on soups πŸ™‚

  9. I just made this tonight. When I was shopping I had no access to the video, so I used the recipe on the website. It says vegetable stock, and that's what I got. When I do it again, I will never use vegetable stock. To counter the blandness of it I had to use so much more salt. :/ Chicken stock provides the saltiness this dish needs to give it life.

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