Chicken Pot Pie

BEST THREE Frozen Chicken Pot Pies | Which One is The Best? | WHAT ARE WE EATING?? | The Wolfe Pit

Who has the BEST frozen chicken pot pie? How do the different big brands compare? How do they taste? How’s the quality? Are they healthy? Are they bargains? Watch and see!


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  1. After a LOT of requests to review Marie Callender's Chicken Pot Pie I'm finally getting around to it! BUT I'm reviewing 2 other major brands along with it, Boston Market and Stouffers! Which one is your personal favorite? As always thank you all very much for all of your support! YOU THE PEOPLE…..please don't forget to HIT that like button!

  2. This is a good one! I do buy these from time to time. Overall I like them. I'll keep this vid in mind on my next visit to the store. I like to have a supply of these for 'quick dinner' days.

  3. I tried the Marie Callander’s chicken pot pie the other day, and it was terrible. The chicken was spongy, and the potatoes were nasty! I don’t mean any disrespect, but do you ever eat homemade foods? Because some of these foods that you say are delicious, are in fact very disgusting.

  4. I personally recommend a homemade pot pie…and drop the cream. My perfect pot pie has a flaky crust, and I use a blend of virgin coconut oil (which is mixed into the dough) and a brushing of grapeseed oil on the pan. The filling I make uses thigh meat from pre-baked chicken thighs which are cooked only with salt. The veggies I use in my filling are turnips, parsnips, yellow bell pepper, and a bit of spinach. The sauce base is made by taking the skin from the baked thighs and browning it in the pan first…then I add some water to extract the last goodness from it, and scoop out the now soggy skin. I add garlic, marjoram, tarragon, black pepper, sweet Hungarian paprika, salt, and MSG and add all of the chopped veggies except for the bell pepper to the sauce. I simmer it for a short while, then add about a tablespoon of potato starch and let it thicken a bit. Then, I add the yellow bell pepper to it after I've taken it off of the heat. Then I transfer it to the pie pan and top it with the last bit of crust and crimp it. I bake it for at least 30 minutes at 400, but usually for more like 40 because I like a crisp crust. The sweetness of the rosemary and parsnips (and to a lesser extent turnips) really works well with the savory crust and other parts of the sauce. I personally recommend blackberry lemonade (with or without a spike of white rum…your choice) as the drink to go with it. And if you want a dessert after such a meal, I would suggest fresh granny smith apple slices dipped in a salted caramel sauce.

  5. I'm loving your videos. Very informative. Just one little, tiny thing that's like nails on a chalkboard. The spoon. You gotta eat stuff with a fork. The spoon should be rarely used. Anyway, great stuff, keep it coming.

  6. I'm sure Boston market uses a pastry puff crust. Thats what gives it that buttery, flaky crust. I use that on my homemade pot pies for the top crust. I prefer the ready made crust rather then making them myself, they pretty much taste the same as homemade to me with less time, but i always buy the ready to bake pastry puff crust sheets for the top . Makes a HUGE difference.

  7. I love chicken pot pie but the only thing I don't like is the time they take to cook. You have to wait a long time and they are not that filling.

  8. I absolutly agree. I have been an avid eater of chicken pot pies for 40 years and I can say without a doubt the Marie Callenders is the best regardless of the price. Thank you for the great review.

  9. I had to live on frozen dinners while in college and I gotta tell you, Marie Callenders frozen meals are the best I've tried. It's the only frozen dinner I've tried that looks exactly like the picture on the box after it's prepared. I've tried all of Marie Callenders meals and they all rate between 8-10.

  10. My freezer is filled with Marie Calender's pot pies!!! I've gotten efficient at cooking them! HINT: Thaw in microwave or fridge if possible.

  11. i have to be the same age i remember the old stuff and like very few
    of the new stuff i do like marie cal. but almost never eat processed crap anymore

  12. I gotta say, my man, as good as your reviews are I feel like you gotta make these in the microwave. As small as these are, no one's gonna spend upwards of an hour baking these in an oven unless they're, like, baking half a dozen of them. Microwaving them is, I think, the more realistic scenario and should be the way you test them.

  13. Calendars used to be good the crust and veggies were ok last time I had it but the quality of the meat in all of MC dinners went down so I stopped getting them

  14. Oddly enough, the food in the Marie Callender restaurants – NOT so good!
    Their frozen food is life though.
    The fried chicken with gravy and mashed – * eyes rollup in head* heaven!

  15. I want A Potpie made from Boston market crust with Maries filling !!!! Good point about foil around crust because if you don't it will burn !!! Thanks Wolfe

  16. brother. I have done lots of thinking about the jerky post I mentioned in one of the last videos. we have so many different brands and types. I do know jerky is very expensive compared to "your funhouse" foods but if you can throw a video together one of these days about the crazy jerky products you can find that would be awesome (for me anyway)

  17. I didn't like Marie Callender's chicken pot pie at all.  Will never buy it again.  I like Banquet much better and those are what I buy.

  18. Weird. I'm usually spot on with your food ratings, but damned if the Marie Callender's didn't make me gag. It was the "chicken" because that was decidedly NOT chicken. It was spongy and repulsive and tasted like murder and sin. I'd like to try the Boston Market though; that crust looks great.

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