*NEW* Summer 2018 is Belle Tress TIA MARIA in Champagne With Apple Pie. I’ll show you this sweet a-line bob with tousled fringe.. and compare to a very similar style by Rene Of Paris High Fashion, Rae in Melted Marshmallow. ALSO – a quick look at M&M by Belle Tress as an alternative to the angles of Tia Maria. XOXO TAZ

Belle Tress Tia Maria:

Rene Of Paris Rae:

Belle Tress M&M:


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  1. Taz! I have been OBSESSING over Tia Maria! Just LOVE that hair. Glad you are loving it too! You look fab! I might need it in champagne with Apple Pie too πŸ™‚

  2. That color name – who doesn't love champagne with apple pie? πŸ˜€ More styling demos and outside/natural lighting, please, those are great!

  3. Such a Sweet adorable wig!! I love her! You look so pretty in her Taz! I love the color very natural looking. Thank you so much as always for another Wonderful review Taz! Love XOXOXO

  4. I really appreciated the comparison of styles. Id love to see this is future videos. It makes clear what sometimes isn't so obvious (difference in wave pattern, layers and length, etc) when debating which style to choose.

  5. Fantastic review! I love the details too! This is a fabulous color. I own the Maxwella 22" in this color. It is the perfect blend of creamy blond for summer! As always, you look fantastic! Super cute style.

  6. I have the Belle Tress Mimosa in the Champagne with Apple Pie. I just want to say that the color in my personal opinion is more warm than cool. It's softer than the Honey with Chai but still warmer. I need ash colors. I really wish Belle Tress would improve on their color selections because I really love their wigs! I want this Tia Maria so I predict I will be ordering it anyways. Excellent review Taz as always. πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Taz, Let me just start off by saying just how much I love Tia Maria. Looks the perfect length, flattering little bit of wave and shorter in the back ever so slightly. With the lace front and mono part….My dilemma is the right color. I was born dark brunette, but enjoying the blonde colors….my fav so far is RW ShadedCappuccino RL12/22SS which seems to compliment my hazel eyes. I lean towards cool colors and have been worried about not having a darker rooted shade with my dark eyebrows…..but you have dark eyebrows and the Champagne with AP looks gorgeous. Any thoughts? I know I am all over the place, but I am loving this style.

  8. Hello Taz. I am sooo happy that you reviewed tia maria. I have been torn between her and rae. We have similar face measurements so I love to see how these styles look on you before I buy them. I am in love with Tia Maria. Thank you for comparing it really helps when deciding.

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