I just had to see how Apple Pie Egg Rolls would taste in my Actifry Air Fryer. To make these Apple Pie Egg Rolls, I just used some canned apple pie Filling and some leftover Egg Roll Wrappers. The Air Fryer Egg Rolls were good, but they ended up tasting more like a thick crepe than an Egg Roll. I think that the filling may have been a little too moist to get a “fried” texture using the Air Fryer. Maybe if I try it again I will use a homemade Apple Pie Filling and thicken it up more.
The Deep Fried Apple Pie Egg Rolls reminded me of the old school McDonald’s Apple Pie from the 70’s and early 80’s. They were very delicious.
I have to give the regular fried Egg Rolls the nod here even though the airfried ones were good in a different way, and definitely less calories.


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  1. I dont have an air fryer so i will stick to the skillet ones as these look crispy !! hang the oil lol….

  2. They looked yummy! I have been on the fence for a bit about buying an airfryer. I do have a deep fryer though so maybe so I will try them deepfried! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. I'm impressed with what air fryers can do, but fried apple egg rolls or fritters, well that's sacred ground. Lol Thanks for keeping it honest Lyle. Good video

  4. Those looked good! I think I would have rolled them in a sugar and cinnamon mix after cooking! Thanks for sharing this with will have to try this thanks for sharing this one very good!

  5. I remember those McDonald's apple pies. I would have never thought to do that with the egg roll wrappers. Looked tasty

  6. I hear every now and again some McDonald's will actually bring those deep fried apple pies back for a short time

  7. I can see doing the air fryer if oil use is an issue, but I do like to deep fry, a LOT!! Nice of you to do a side by side honest critique. ☺

  8. I love Apple Pie, love the Idea turning them into Egg Rolls…Deep Fry and Air Fryer looks delicious I would choose both!!

  9. I remember the McDonald's apple & cherry pies. The good old days when you ate at McDonald's as a treat and not as a daily meal.

  10. Believe it or not, when you first showed the deep fried ones I thought, "Those look like the old apple pies from McDonalds." The crust would brown and blister like this.

  11. Yum ! These both look delicious 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I make sure to tell people air frying is not exactly like deep frying but it is great !

  12. Playing catch up with your channel Lyle, binging the videos today.
    Yeah, the old school MickyD's apple pies were a staple back in the day.

  13. Because your air fryer gets warmer on one side is why you like it deep fried. I can guarantee if you had something like the Power air fryer xl , you'd like them air fried Lyle

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