In this recipe video, Thomas Joseph is tackling a very popular Kitchen Conundrum, the all-American apple pie.

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  1. I still prefer blind baking the base before filling. It easily guaranties no soggy bottom and means you can have a nice pale gold top. Also I have found it much easier to get a metal pie tin.

  2. Ha ha, "All American Apple Pie", when neither the Pie or Apples originated in the USA.
    It's more accurate to say All American CHERRY Pie at least Cherries originated in USA..

  3. Thomas, I love your videos and lessons! Thank you very much! I was planning to make an apple pie, and now I can follow your wonderful instructions!

  4. Tell us again to let the dough rest in the fridge for x amount of time before you roll it. It may be with the recipe, but it bear repeating!

  5. Ok, so not slicing it is fine. But showing a clearly burnt pie crust? Not so fine. It's not like he even tried to show you what to do if that happens. J.C. would have owned her burnt crust and tried to fix it in some manner.

  6. I love Thomas Joseph videos <3 I’ve tried so many of his recipes and have worked without fail. My favourite is his devils food cake and Swiss meringue buttercream.

  7. Followed your method as well as I could, and the pie was picturen perfect until I cut into it and There was a huge gap between the filling and the crust. Also it made a huge mess in the oven from the juices boiling over, and it was quite tart. I wish you would address these kind of mishaps when showing us how to make the recipe.

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