So if it were all to end, here’s what you could have stored in your pantry for breakfast; canned bacon, egg crystals, canned butter, canned cheese, and shelf-stable bread. Hang on a sec and I’ll tell you how it is.

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This video not sponsored. Just wanted to eat canned food.

“Coffeeshop Lounge 2” “Escalade” and “Endless” courtesy of and royalty-free Sprightly from iMovie. If you’re reading this, you know what’s what. Comment: “I’m gonna have some buttahed toast. ”

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  1. "It looks like butter, it tastes like butter, it spreads like butter, It smells like butter"……Umm, because it IS butter….They don't do any kind of dehydrating or anything to the butter before they can it. They just add more salt to preserve it and lock it in a can.

  2. You keep saying its “like butter” you dumb idiot the only difference is the container its sold in moron it tastes and looks like butter because it is dummy

  3. if u get that Bega cheese block it's amazing my family works there. and also not trying to be rude but it pronounced more like Bee-ga its weird

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