Give grandma’s cherry pie recipe the display it deserves. Here are two creative ways to showcase your favorite family recipes. These would be a great gift for you mom on Mother’s Day or any other occasion.

Get step-by-step instructions:


shadow box
hot glue gun + glue sticks
pie server
recipe card
straight pins
tea towel
iron-on transfer paper


1. Remove the backing of your shadow box, and lay it on a flat surface. Cover the backing with a piece of fabric or wrapping paper to create a basic background to make the coming details pop.

2. Attach your personal details to the shadow box backing. We chose a silver pie server, an antiqued picture and a well-loved recipe card to create a timeless, heirloom-packed memory box. Straight pins will hold the cherished items in place.


1. To transfer a cherished handwritten recipe onto a framed towelette, begin by scanning the recipe card. Flip the scanned image so it will print out backwards, and print the image on inkjet transfer paper.

2. Lay a tea towel out on a flat surface. Whether it is an antiqued towel or a new-to-you cloth, select a pattern and color that will showcase the beloved recipe beautifully. Lay the printed image over the top of the tea towel. Position the recipe where desired. Set your iron to high with no steam, and iron over the transfer paper to convert the recipe into cloth form. Voila! The endearing towel is complete.

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