Milk popsicle recipe or popularly known as Paal ice is a nostalgic popsicle with very few ingredients. In my school days, Summer holidays are incomplete without milk popsicle (paal ice) and sip ups. Today while am making this milk popsicle, my mind reminds me of those school days with my friends and cousins. I really miss each and every moment we spent together and those days we are living for today and there were no tomorrows. But today everything changed and we are living for tomorrow’s only. Lil bit Nostalgic feel .right? Ok. Let’s move on to the recipe. Here am going to share the recipe for Milk popsicle with just two ingredients. Full cream milk and sweetened condensed milk are the two ingredients required for making this simple and quick popsicle recipe. Vanilla essence, rose milk essence, pista essence is the other ingredients which add color and flavor to this popsicle. Milk popsicle with nuts is really awesome. You can also add a few drops of chocolate sauce to this milk mixture for chocolate milk popsicle recipe. So hope you all give this popsicle recipe a try and drop your valuable feedback in the comment box below.

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